A Spaceship converted from a Submarine

I think the image of a spaceship can be compared to a submarine.

Both operate in similar environments, which is why they share some similarities.

Submarines dive deep into the ocean, while spaceships navigate through outer space. Both vehicles are operated in enclosed environments where the crew is confined for extended periods and cut off from the external surroundings.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “A Spaceship converted from a Submarine”.


Both submarines and spaceships are built to withstand and adapt to environmental changes.

Submarines are designed to protect the crew from the high pressure of the deep sea and the influence of underwater terrain.

Spaceships, on the other hand, are designed to withstand extreme temperature variations and provide defense against small meteoroids in the space environment.

Submarines and spaceships are designed to carry the necessary resources for long-duration stays and have life support systems.

Submarines carry oxygen, food, and fuel, while spaceships are equipped with oxygen, water, food, fuel, and shielding against space radiation.

Based on these commonalities, we can draw a comparison between spaceships and submarines.

Both vehicles possess robustness and durability to operate in harsh, isolated environments, where they must sustain life with limited resources.

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