Tokyo entered an Ice Age(東京が氷河期になった)

Will an ice age come to Tokyo?

Based on current scientific knowledge, the likelihood of an ice age occurring in Tokyo is very low.

An ice age is a global climatic event where the Earth’s climate becomes significantly colder over a period of several thousand years.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “Tokyo entered an Ice Age”.


It is typically triggered by factors such as changes in Earth’s orbit, solar activity, and atmospheric composition, including carbon dioxide levels.

The current climate of the Earth is showing a trend of global warming.

Global warming is primarily attributed to increased greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities.

This leads to a rise in average global temperatures and has implications such as melting glaciers, ice caps, and rising sea levels.

Based on current scientific predictions, as long as the effects of global warming persist, the likelihood of an ice age occurring in Tokyo or other warm regions is considered to be low.

However, Earth’s climate is a complex system, and there are uncertainties in making predictions.

Ongoing research by scientists continues to enhance our understanding, and new information and insights may emerge regarding future climate changes.

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