Creepy statue of Kannon in Cambodia

There are world heritage sites called the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia,

which consists of a group of Hindu and Buddhist temples and ruins in the Angkor region of northwestern Cambodia dating from the 9th to 15th century.

However, some of these ruins have been destroyed or collapsed due to years of conflict and natural disasters.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “Creepy statue of Kannon in Cambodia”.

The image presented here is a fictional image and does not actually exist.

Buddhism has taken root in Cambodia, and many Buddha statues can be found throughout the country.

Among them, the numerous Buddha statues at the center of the Angkor Archaeological Park’s Bayon Temple are particularly famous for their mystical allure.

These Buddha statues have a characteristic feature of a smiling face.

They are also known as the Kintamani Buddha, symbolizing the teachings of Buddhism, such as “compassion” and “happiness.”

Moreover, there are many mysteries and legends surrounding these Buddha statues. For example,

some theories suggest that the face of the 7th king of the ancient Khmer Empire, Jayavarman VII, is carved into the face of the statue.

There is also a theory that the eyes of the Buddha statue depict the universe and extraterrestrial beings.

These legends and mysteries add to the mystique and charm of the Buddha statues at Bayon Temple,

which are highly regarded as representative of Cambodian Buddhist art around the world.