Military spec 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R (軍事仕様の1972年式日産スカイラインGT-R)

The third-generation Skyline, also known as “Hakosuka,” made its debut in 1972 and was a special car in Japanese automotive history.

Based on the Hakosuka, the first-generation GT-R was born with high performance and attractive design that captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts.

If the legendary GT-R were to be modified into a military vehicle, what would it look like?

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However, in 1972, the fourth-generation Skyline, known as “Kenmeri,” was introduced, followed by the limited-edition RT-R.

Their production numbers were extremely limited, which made them even more attractive and desirable.

It’s an interesting concept to imagine the legendary GT-R as a military vehicle.

With its high-performance and agile handling, the GT-R could potentially be a formidable force on the battlefield.

A modified GT-R could have reinforced armor, bulletproof glass, and additional safety features to protect against enemy fire and explosive devices.

Its suspension could be upgraded to handle rough terrain and off-road conditions, while its engine could be modified to provide more power and torque.

The exterior could be painted in military colors and camouflage patterns to blend into different environments, and it could be equipped with a range of weapons and equipment to suit different mission requirements.

Overall, a military-modified GT-R would be an impressive sight and could potentially serve as a powerful asset on the battlefield.

The GT-R name disappeared for about 20 years, but its legendary presence and popularity continued to be etched in the hearts of car enthusiasts.

Even today, the GT-R has its unique appeal and is beloved by many. More than 50 years since its inception, there are still high expectations for the new GT-R to come.

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