Luxurious mansion inhabited by villains (悪党たちが住む豪華な邸宅)

Most people would probably like to live in a luxurious mansion at least once.

Luxurious mansions are often the object of admiration, with their exterior and interior exuding luxury and beauty. 

People who live in luxurious mansions are not necessarily good people. Sometimes, villains can also inhabit them.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “Luxurious mansion inhabited by villains”.


In movies, it is a common storyline for villains to inhabit a luxurious mansion with hostages, and for the protagonist to search for and find them there.

If such mansions are taken over by villains, it can become dangerous for those who live there.

When the villains take hostages, the place becomes tense and scary for those involved.

This image is fictional and does not actually exist.

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