Sea Monsters lurking in the depths (海底に潜む海の怪物)

There are still many unknown creatures lurking in the sea.

The pollution of the ocean may have caused some creatures to mutate and become monster-like. 

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “Sea Monsters lurking in the depths”.


The ocean can be polluted by human activities.

For example, waste from factories or ships, and plastic garbage can flow into the sea. These pollutants can have a negative impact on marine organisms.

In polluted environments, organisms may evolve to adapt to their environment.

This could lead to the emergence of creatures that look and function differently, like “monster-like” animals.

In fact, there have been reports of mutated organisms resulting from ocean pollution.

For instance, after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, bacteria in the deep sea proliferated and mutated, resulting in strains that had the ability to break down oil.

Thus, the impact of ocean pollution on organisms is serious and there is a possibility that it could cause some creatures to mutate and become monster-like.

There have been no reports or sightings of sea creatures that resemble living dinosaurs.

However, there are many organisms in the ocean that have been living since ancient times and have evolved over a long period of time.

As a result, they may have different appearances or forms compared to modern marine life.

Furthermore, dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, and since then, mammals and birds have evolved and diversified into the modern animals we know today.

Even if dinosaurs had survived, they would likely have evolved into vastly different forms compared to their ancient counterparts.

When you see images like this, do you feel like you want to dive into the ocean, or do you feel scared of it?

This image is a fantasy. It does not depict an actual creature, but it is possible that it may exist.

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