City ​​full of Zombies [Anime-style]

In reality, there are no undead creatures like zombies.

The concept of zombies is generally depicted in fictional works such as movies and novels.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “City ​​full of Zombies”.

If such a creature existed in the real world,

it would be a very serious problem. Since zombies often arise from infectious diseases or pathogens, measures to prevent infection spread would be necessary.

These could include isolating infected individuals,

implementing preventative measures to curb infection spread, and increasing medical facilities.

Since zombies are highly aggressive, they could potentially cause violent incidents or social unrest. Therefore,

ensuring public safety and enhancing crime prevention measures would also be necessary.

However, since zombies do not exist in reality, these measures are purely hypothetical. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider measures in case of such a scenario.

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