A Ferocious Shark in the ocean (海の中の凶暴なサメ)

There is a well-known fact that scary sharks lurk in the ocean.

I have created an imaginary image based on the phrase “A Ferocious Shark in the ocean”.


I see, you shared an imaginary image of a B-grade Monster Shark movie poster. Americans are very interested in giant and dangerous sharks.

What would you do if you encountered a giant and dangerous shark in the ocean?

Stay calm and avoid panicking.

Swim slowly and steadily away from the shark, while keeping your back towards it.

If the shark gets too close, make threatening movements while looking it in the eye. Use your hands and legs to fend off any potential attack.

If attacked, do not fight back but swim gradually away from the shark.

If bitten, seek immediate medical attention and go to the nearest hospital.

It is important not to provoke or threaten the shark. Keeping calm and evacuating safely should be your top priority.

This image may be imaginary, but it is true that sharks can be terrifying.

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